International consultants for agricultural post-harvest facilities as large pack-houses and small fresh cut fruit and vegetable processing units in order to improve production and quality in order to save cost.

Yogev Consultants has more than 20 years of experience in managing postharvest operations and quality

Our Vision: Yogev Agricultural Consultants is striving to reduce cost by using modern management tools, bases on accumulated knowledge of actual work in the fields and updated academic research and development findings. The company is leading in its line of disciplines.

Our Missions:yaron Bedarak C.E.O.
Meet customer's specifications and needs as the base to our activities.
Be honest, true and ethic in all fields of business.
Spread our knowledge and knowhow as a part of our global responsibility.
Cultivate the land, maintaining Good Agriculture Practice (G.A.P.).
Constant learn and update in the line of our interests.

Our Goals for 2015:
We seek to have a long going business with at least 5 companies in Africa.
We will maintain strong relations with the companies that we are working with.
We will assimilate an internet connection to irrigation controllers to more that 50% of our medium and large client.
We will double our Medjool date yield and maintain the high quality.

Your Benefit :
You will improve your business' profitability by focusing your organization's strategy.
You will reduce operation cost by improving your financial and organizational-behavior.
You will improve your product's quality and its shelf-life without any addition cost by improving quality and operational procedures.
You will have an added value to your product by extending shelf-life of your fresh-cut products.
You will be cross the European export barrier by performing F2F, HACCP, BRC, ISO 9001 audits.
You will improve constantly by external training, internal training and on-the job training.

Yaron Bedrak, Mba   ירוון בדרק

Yogev Agricultural Consultants, C.E.O.     יוגב חקלאותorganizational communication, interpersonal communication
time management,
management styles,
training, first line manager, first line manager training
capacity, capacity planning, capacity monitoring, capacity management
quality, quality procedures,
yaron bedrak, yogev consultants, yogev agriculture, ירון בדרק, יוגב חקלאות
managing skills, manager's core competence, manager's personal characteristics
client management
internal operations, operation procedures,
post harvest